A denture is a removable oral device that replaces multiple missing teeth. Its structure includes artificial teeth and surrounding tissues custom made to fit into a person’s mouth. Dentures can completely replace a row of missing or lost teeth or a few missing teeth. 

The replacement teeth on dentures can consist of porcelain, plastic, or hard resin. The structure that resembles the natural gum line consists of resin or a moldable polymer for a snug fit. Dentures are highly beneficial because they improve a person’s appearance and ability to speak, bite, and chew.

Complete Dentures in Durango, CO

Complete or full dentures replace an entire row of natural teeth on the upper or lower jaw or both. They are an excellent option to replace teeth that need removal due to severe damage from tooth decay or dental trauma. The dentures can remain in place through suction or with an oral adhesive so that you can remove a complete denture. 

Full dentures come in two varieties:

  •     Conventional: Conventional dentures are the devices patients receive 8 to 12 weeks after the gum line heals from teeth removal.
  •     Immediate: As soon as Dr. Brown removes teeth to make room for a complete denture, he will give you immediate dentures to wear while your gums heal.

Partial Dentures in Durango, CO

Partial dentures replace one or more teeth instead of an entire row. They are ideal when the remaining natural teeth are not strong enough to support dental bridges, another tooth replacement structure. 

These dentures rest on the gum line and attach to neighboring natural teeth using a metal framework to remain in place. However, the attachment is not permanent; you can remove partial dentures for sleeping and cleaning. Partial dentures effectively improve a person’s smile and prevent natural teeth from shifting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Care for Dentures?

Dr. Blake Brown will provide details about the best care for your custom dentures. General rules include brushing them daily to remove food and plaque with a soft or medium bristled toothbrush and rinsing them with a denture cleaner. Keep the dentures in water or a cleanser soaking solution to preserve their shape when not in use.

What Are Alternatives to Dentures?

Dental implants with artificial teeth on the ends are permanent alternatives to dentures. The implants require oral surgery, but the result of the procedure is a natural-looking smile. Dental implants can also support full dentures and stabilize them.

Can You Eat With Dentures?

It can be uncomfortable to eat with dentures for the first few weeks of having them, and it may be easier to bite and chew with partial dentures than with a complete set of dentures. Until you’re comfortable wearing them, eat small bites of soft foods and chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. 

If you are missing teeth, Dr. Blake Brown DDS can determine which type of dentures will work best for restoring your smile. Find out if you are a good candidate for partial or complete dentures in Durango, CO, by calling 970-247-9549 and requesting an appointment.