Missing, broken, or cracked teeth can impact more than your oral health; they can affect your smile and self-esteem. When you have missing teeth, Kent T Haynes DDS offers high-quality dental bridges in Durango, CO. 

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges restore your smile by filling in the gaps left behind by missing teeth. Filling these gaps with a durable material restores your bite and promotes a healthy smile. 

A dental bridge consists of two crowns that sit on either side of the dental gap. In between these crowns is an artificial tooth that secures into the gum line. Together, the crowns and false teeth create a dental bridge that restores your mouth’s structure and bite.

With proper maintenance and healthy oral habits, a quality dental bridge can last up to 20 years.

Types of Dental Bridges: 

Traditional Bridges

A traditional dental bridge is the most common type of tooth replacement and consists of an artificial tooth that attaches to neighboring teeth with dental crowns. The dentists will typically shave down the adjacent teeth to make room for the crowns.

The artificial tooth in a traditional dental bridge typically consists of porcelain material. Unlike metal, porcelain creates a more natural look by being tooth-colored.

Maryland Bonded Dental Bridges

Rather than porcelain, a Maryland bonded bridge uses composite resin to secure the dental bridge.

Dentists mostly use Maryland bonded dental bridges for front teeth. During this process, they trim tiny slots into the surrounding teeth. Then, they secure the bonded bridge with resin to the back surfaces of the supporting teeth.

Cantilever Bridges

Unlike other dental bridges, a cantilever bridge sits in the mouth by securing to only one side of the supporting teeth, making them ideal for back teeth. 

What Happens During a Dental Bridge Procedure?

Most dental restorations require multiple visits to the dentist’s office. 

For dental bridges in Durango, Co, the first visit is to prepare the surrounding teeth. To do this, Dr. Blake takes a mold of the teeth. The dentist uses this mold to customize a bridge that fits the unique shape of your mouth.

Patients receive a temporary dental bridge during the first visit to fill the gap while waiting for the permanent bridge. You typically receive your permanent bridge during the next visit, as long as it fits properly in your mouth.

Once the dentist confirms that the bridge fits, they secure it in place. Finally, your dentist will give you specific instructions on how to care for your new dental bridge.

Dental Bridges in Durango, CO

High-quality dental bridges in Durango, CO, help patients regain a healthy smile while restoring their bite. Whether you are missing a single tooth or have severe tooth decay, Dr. Blake Brown Dentistry can help you protect your oral health with effective dental restorations. 

Whether you are looking for a general dentist or need specific restoration services, Dr. Blake Brown DDS in Durango, CO, offers a wide range of dental care services. Call the office at (970) 247-9549 to schedule an appointment.