ClearCorrect Dr. Blake Brown

ClearCorrect® is an alternative to metal braces to straighten teeth. Instead of attaching brackets and a metal framework to individual teeth, ClearCorrect uses clear plastic aligners to gradually shift teeth into their appropriate positions. The clear braces snuggly cover teeth but are removable. 

People often choose ClearCorrect in Durango, CO, because they are not satisfied with their smiles, but they do not want to wear traditional braces. The clear aligners are virtually invisible, so the treatment is ideal for adults and teenagers who need an effective orthodontic treatment that will not affect their appearance.

Why Get ClearCorrect in Durango, CO

ClearCorrect can correct several orthodontic problems, including:

  •     Crooked teeth
  •     Underbite
  •     Overbite
  •     Teeth gaps
  •     Open bit
  •     Teeth crowding
  •     Crossbite

Choosing ClearCorrect to address dental issues is more than a cosmetic decision. Some dental problems can create more complications over time. For instance, crooked teeth can lead to premature wear, broken teeth, tooth loss, and gum disease. ClearCorrect can improve your smile and the health of your teeth.

ClearCorrect is also appealing to people seeking orthodontic treatment because the clear trays are comfortable and do not affect a person’s appearance.  

Process for ClearCorrect Aligners

Dr. Blake will begin the ClearCorrect process by conducting a thorough dental exam with digital imaging to create a personalized treatment plan. He will use his findings to determine the direction your teeth need to shift and how long it may take to align them. X-rays and pictures of your teeth will go to the ClearCorrect laboratory so that skilled technicians can make your trays. 

ClearCorrect treatment will require multiple sets of trays to shift your teeth over time, and you will wear a set for two weeks before switching to the next set. Each aligner tray will initially feel snug but gradually loosen as the teeth and gums adjust to a new position.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Clear Aligners Painful?

Some people experience mild discomfort a few days after putting in a new aligner. Most patients describe the feeling as a bit of pressure, and it is normal to experience. The pressure means the clear braces are moving your teeth into the desired position. 

Are Dietary Changes Necessary When Wearing ClearCorrect?

Unlike traditional metal braces with wires and brackets, clear aligner trays are easily removable so that you can eat and drink comfortably, and there are no dietary restrictions. However, you should brush and floss your teeth twice a day or after each meal is necessary to maintain your oral health.

How Long Does ClearCorrect Treatment Take?

It depends on the wearer. Complicated cases, like an open bite or severe misalignment, may take longer to correct than a simple shift. ClearCorrect usually has an average treatment period between 9 and 18 months. 

Dr. Brown has over 35 years of experience specializing in cosmetic dentistry and other dental procedures. If you are interested in ClearCorrect in Durango, CO, reach out to Dr. Brown at 970-247-9549 for a consultation today.