For patients with select forms of temporomandibular joint and muscle dysfunction, commonly described as “TMJ,” we can provide therapeutic applications of Xeomin, a botulinum injectable, like Botox, in the muscles of the head, neck and jaw to provide long lasting relief.

Alone, or in combination with night guards/splints and other remedies, patients can see significant reduction in muscle pain, headaches, and the restlessness and frustration that come with them.  Applications generally take thirty minutes or less to complete, and results are commonly seen within ten to fourteen days.  Relief can last from three to six months, and repeated applications often see a prolonged action period over time.

At Dr. Blake Brown Dentistry, we are also performing select cosmetic applications of Xeomin botulinum injectables.  If you are interested in therapeutic and/or cosmetic applications, please give the office a call to plan a consultation.